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The Alquitar is the still of choice in Portugal and Spain and used mainly for the production of Grappa, Calvados and Aquardente or Eau-de-Vie. They are are noted for producing a superior quality (purer), slightly stronger alcoholic beverage due to its slightly longer distillation process which is in part the result of its unusual vertical design as the condenser sits on the top of the still. The Alquitar can also be used to produce essential oils and hydrosols, but not as successfully as the Column Still which is specifically made for this purpose.

To distil Spirits

Alembics 034R a 1500
The Alquitar is made up of three chambers The wine/wash/mash is placed in the pot.The removable sieve plate sits above the wine/wash/mash. Aromatics, herbs or macerated fruits can then be placed on top of the sieve plate so that as the mash heats up, the vapours take on the qualities of the aromatics and add their subtle flavours to the distillate.The third chamber acts as the cooling condenser. Water needs to flow in and out of this chamber to keep the head cool to achieve a quality distillate.  



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