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Alembic Column Stills


The Column Still is based on the design of the Traditional 'Onion Dome' Alembic but with an extended column between the Retort Pot and the dome. They are specifically designed for the steam distillation of essential oils and hydrosols as well as for the production of spirits - two stills in one! For steam distillation of aromatic plants for hydrosol or essential oils, the plant material is packed into the column which has a perforated plate fixed at the bottom. The pot is 2/3 filled with water and heated to a boil. The steam passes through the plant material absorbing the aromatic properties and oils of the plant. As with the Traditional Alembic, cold water needs to be flowing through the coil in the Condenser so that the steam rapidly condenses and trickles out the distillate outlet.
Because the column is hinged the filling/emptying process can be quickly repeated enabling large quantities of plant material to be more easily processed.
The Column Alembic can be used as a Traditional Alembic as well. To do this just flip the column back and place the Onion Head on the Retort Pot.
 Alembics 030R 1500 Expected yields for English Lavender, Pacific Blue types
Essentail oil yields vary according to plant type, soil, sunlight and time of harvest. 
  Size Column holds            Essential Oil  Hydrosol           
40 Litre 3-4kg 70ml 5-7litres
30 Litre 2-3kg 50ml 3.5-5 litres
20 litre 1-2kg 30ml 2-3 litres
10 Litre 500g-1kg 15ml 500-1lire
5 Litre 250g-500g 7ml 300-500ml

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