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Traditional Alembics

The graceful design is based on old Moorish distilling traditions and is commonly used in Southern Europe and the Iberain Penninsula. It is manufactured in the traditional way using riveted unions as the age old method of joining, giving them an added decorative effect.
They are used for the distillation of alcoholic spirits and make a fine quality hydrosol or floral water by hydro-distillation

To Distil Spirits            

To Distil Hydrosol
Alembics 028R 2

Traditional Alembic

Is made up of three parts. The pot which is either filled with water and an aromatic botanical, or for spirits the mash.

The Onion dome sits on top of the pot. The vapours from heating the contents of the pot swirl around the minaret cleaning itself before it flows into the birds beak.

The vapours travel along the coils of the Condenser bucket which has cool running water flowing through it. The hot vapour condenses into liquid and trickles through the outlet pipe.

Distillation Workshop


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