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Alembics Distillation Workshops

Up coming Auckland Workshops

101 Alembics Basic Distillation Techniques

Saturday July 29th 2017 10.30-3.30
Logan Cambell House, Auckland Botanical Gardens



Saturday October 21st 2017 10.30-3.30
Logan Cambell House, Auckland Botanical Gardens


Gin Immersion

Saturday August 5th 2017 10.30-2.30
Logan Cambell House, Auckland Botanical Gardens


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Alembics distillation workshop
    Gin Immersion                                                                  

We reccomend you attend a workshop to learn the art of distillation. They are interactive, fun and you will meet a group of like minded interesting people. We take along a range of stills for sale on the day, allow time to discuss the right still to match the budget and purpose and of course a discount. You will leave the day feeling informed and confidernt about using your still and the art of distillation.


Join us for a Gin Immersion to be held at our beautiful Auckland Botanical Gardens in the Logan Campbell House August 5th . This is an excellent way to not only learn to make your own Artisan Gin  using fresh organic botanicals but to practice your skills at blending and tasting. We will demonstrate the process of making two styles of Gin, while it is distilling we explore the botanicals that are used in many classic brands as well as taste our collection of well known branded Gins. Experiment blending using our range of essences to create that special wild card or seasonal difference. We will end the day by having a G&T comparing the two Gins distilled on the day and  you take home whats left over!.


  • Types of Alembic Stills, Setting Up, Cleaning & Care
    Identify each type of Alembic still & what they are best suited for. How to set up for distillation, cleaning the still between distillations & general care.
  • Basic Process and Practice
    The process of distillation, how it works, what it produces.
  • Practical Demonstration of Hydro-distillation for Aromatic Therapeutic Hydrosol, Storage & Application
    Using a traditional Alembic Still make a hydrosol using seasonal botanical for a therapeutic purpose. Measure for the ph, safe storage and application.
  • Practical Demonstration of Steam Distillation for Essential Oil
    Using a column still to make essential oil using a seasonal botanical. Measuring the yield, when to stop, how to separate oil from hydrosol, safe storage and application.
  • Basic Process and Practice of Distilling for Alcohol
    Explanation of preparation of a “Wash" or “Mash” using fruit, grains or vegetables. Measuring alcohol levels and cut off points for safe clean distilling.
  • Practical Demonstration of Distilling Alcohol using Wine to Eau de Vie
    Using wine as the base, learn how to measure the Heads Hearts and Tails of the distilling process. Simply and quickly obtain a clean distillation of a brandy.
  • Recipes, Resources, Equipment
    Question and answer session.

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