Chypre Perfume on Waiheke

From $195

Jan 12th, 13th or 14th, 2021.
Hosted at the Old Blackpool Store, 13 Moa Avenue, Waiheke Island.
11am – 1pm

Includes transfers to and from the ferry or your
Waiheke Island destinations and delicious zero
alcohol botanical cocktails.

Jill Mulvaney, expert aromatic distiller,
teaches small groups the foundations of
Chypre perfume at the Alembics Workshop
and Apothecary this summer. Delight in a
truly artisan experience based on an ancient
Mediterranean fragrance style with a South
Pacific twist.

To begin, Jill talks about the fascinating European history
of Chypre Perfume. These classical foundations become
the building blocks for us to look around and experiment
with aromatics closer to home. Experience the unique
fragrant qualities of botanicals from New Zealand, Fiji,
Samoa and Australia.

Discover Jill’s vintage collection of resins crafted from
spruce, pine and lichen then learn how to filter, evaluate
and apply these extracts to create your own South Pacific
Chypre style perfume.

Play with a bespoke range of surprising regional
fragrances including Buddha Wood, Blue Cypress,
Kanuka, local Lavender, Australian Rosalina, Wattle,
Sandalwood and Boronia, lemon scented NZ natives and
Samoan cinnamon leaf.

Whether you’re a dedicated perfume lover, or simply want
to reconnect with your senses—these immersive 2 hour
sessions will open your olfactory doors.