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Saturday 27th April 2019 Balingup Western Australia

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Day 1 

The Art of Distillation – water as a solvent

  • Prepare a botanical infusion, study applications, herbs, and suitable aromatics.
  • Hydro-distillation of an Australian native plant, harvesting, applications, pH, and storage. Filtering and sterile distillations for hydrosol.
  • Steam distillation of a seasonal plant for essential oil using an Alembics Copper Column style still, harvesting, and preparation, distillation technique, separation and storage, applications.
  • Distillation of an Australian native for essential oil using a SS Explorer still
  • Discuss decoctions, sherbets and natural cordials. Prepare a botanical bitters using water as a solvent.
  • Enjoy a botanical cocktail.

Origins Centre, Balingup, Western Australia
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