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Alembics distills a range of seasonal hydrosols. They are distilled from organic sources and distilled with care in Copper Alembics.

Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) alembicsnz lemon myrtle A native to Australia but grows well in the warmer parts of New Zealand. Harvested from a mature tree on Waiheke Island. It has a significantly higher citral content than lemon and the aroma is is more intensely lemony. Calming, cleansing, with powerful bioactive properties, use in an Aroma diffuser  to create a calm space,  reduce wakefulness. Lemon Myrtle blends well with Lavender and Eucalyptus to soothe winter ills.
Available in a 100ml atomizer or 500ml bottle.
 Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea)  salvia sclarea A majestic member of the Salvia family, it has large fleshy, silvery leaves and a tall flowering spike typical of the Salvia family. It has an "unctuous" aroma, love it or hate it! Clary Sage is wonderful to distil, the aroma is euphoric and enlivening. Use to hydrate mature skin,the aroma is uplifting and gives a sense of connectedness and well being - that is if you are one of the ones who "love"it!
Available in 100ml atomizer
 Kanuka (kunzea ericoides)  kanuka  Kanuka is a tree native to New Zealand. It grows prolifically in the North Island and most areas of the South Island. The hydrosol is distilled from the new green growth in early Summer and late Autumn before  flowering. It has a beautiful soft floral note and is more subtle than its brother Manuka. It shares similar properties to Manuka and is well suited to young children, the elderley and those with a creative nature. Use in an aroma diffuser, baths, and as a skin skin tonic.
Available in 100ml atomizer or 500ml bottle
Hops with Lemon Verbena 
(Humulus lupulus)

(Aloysia citradora)
 Distilled from the fresh flowers of the Hops vine and fresh tips of Lemon Verbena in the late summer. The two were distilled together to make a calming soothing sleep inducing hydrosol. Available in 100ml atomizerlemon verbena
(Eucalyptus cineria)
 eucalyptus A majestic tree native to Australia but common throughout New Zealand. The hydrosol was distilled while the tree was in flower, so although it has a strong Eucalyptus aroma has a softer floral sweet note which softens the camphorous notes. Eucayptol liquifies mucus, use in an Aroma diffuser for congested colds and coughs, blend with Lemon Myrtle. Mist on the skin and face and inhale to relieve fevers and soothe wet hot conditions.
Available in 100ml atomizer or 500ml bottle


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