Hands on Teaching

Distillation is a craft based on knowledge, play and interest. For the best results we recommend you attend one of our workshops. They are interactive, fun and you’ll get to meet a group of like minded, interesting people. A range of discounted copper stills will be available for purchase on the day, and time allowed for questions and discussion. Most importantly you will leave feeling inspired, informed and confident.

You will be able to access all our workshops and more online shortly. Sign up for course updates at The Alembics Lab and find out when we go live.

Basic Distillation Techniques

Designed for beginners, and covering the basic processes for distilling hydrosol, essential oil and spirits.

  • Overview of different types of stills and what they are suited for
  • Set-up and general maintenance
  • The process of distillation, how it works and what it can produce
  • Practical, hands on distillation of hydrosol
  • Practical, hands on distillation of essential oil
  • Practical, hands on distillation of spirit
  • Explanation and procedures for all 3 types of distillations: measuring ph levels, safe storage, yields, when to stop, how to separate oil from hydrosol, applications, using ‘wash’ or ‘mash’, measuring alcohol levels for safe, clean distilling.
  • Recipes, resources and equipment
  • Question and answers

Gin Immersion

An excellent way to learn to make your own artisan gin and to extend your skills at blending and tasting. Crafting botanical gin opens the door for you to become an artisan distiller! It’s also a great way to taste, smell and understand a wide range of aromatic botanicals.

  • Practical, hands on distillation of two styles of gin
  • While the gin is distilling: explore, smell and taste the array of botanicals used in great gins, many of which will surprise! Discuss and compare these with our very own selection of handcrafted, artisan gins
  • Experiment with blending using our incredible range of essences to create your own gin with that special wildcard ingredient
  • Round off the day and enjoy tasting and comparing the two styles of gin distilled
  • And best of all, take home whatever’s left over!

Spring Masterclass

Delve deep into the incredible journey of botanical extraction in our intensive two-day seasonal masterclass held at the Phytofarm Herbal Learning Centre, Banks Peninsula, Canterbury.

Saturday 29th October and Sunday 30th October 2022

Jill Mulvaney leads a small group through a comprehensive range of plant extraction and distillation techniques using seasonal, organic botanicals. Taught over two days, the Summer Masterclass makes for a magical and immersive learning experience.

Set in the beautiful surrounds of the Phytofarm herbal garden and teaching kitchen overlooking the Okuiti valley. Halfway through each day participants enjoy a delicious, wholesome lunch prepared from the garden and matched with therapeutic, botanical beverages.

Grain to Glass Masterclass

By popular demand, Alembics partners up with Sparks Brewing for a very special grain to glass masterclass held at The Auckland Botanic Gardens.

Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th November 2022

Get back to the source and learn how to mill, mash and ferment authentic, high-quality grain alcohol. Come away with the skills needed to make fine whisky at home in a matter of months.

Places are limited.

Workshops on Waiheke

Our bespoke, one-on-one, and small group
sessions are immersive, pleasurable and a great
way to spend a day deep-diving into a passion
project of your choice. Tailored to fit your
unique learning objectives, our community
consultations cater to individuals, couples and
small groups of up to four.
Perhaps you and a few friends would like to learn about
hydrosol or essential oils? Or maybe you want to distill
a unique blend of gin? Is natural perfume more to your
The possibilities are endless. Learn different ways to
prepare and use aromatic botanicals, uncover the joy of
tincturing and distilling quintessences, blend and make
your own extraordinary natural skincare.
To start the process, simply email us with an overview
of what you’d like to learn, with a list of your preferred
dates, and we’ll create a customised, educational
experience that is hands-on yet guided by Jill’s expertise.
Our one-on-one community sessions are now hosted at
the new Alembics Workshop and Apothecary at 13 Moa
Avenue, Oneroa on the beautiful Waiheke Island—only a
35-minute ferry ride from Auckland.

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Our workshops make a fantastic gift, especially for someone hard to buy for, join them too and have a day you’ll both remember!

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