Aromatic Botanicals

The Aromatic Library

The foundations of distillation are deeply rooted in our relationship with the botanical world. Alembics invites you to share in a play of aroma and flavour by offering a selection of premium raw ingredients.

Aromatic Botanicals

A collection of the best botanicals from New Zealand and around the world.
(Please note we cannot ship botanicals and teas outside NZ).

Gin Pouches

Our selection of carefully blended aromatic gin botanicals in ready-to-use cotton muslin pouches.

Alembics Apothecary Teas

Teas blended for taste, aroma and wellbeing. Using nature, science and experience to create something magical – these botanical infusions take tea to the next level. Infuse with boiling water, drink hot or cold, mix, use, experiment and enjoy.

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