Butterfly Pea Flowers

Clitoria ternatea

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The vibrant blue petals of the butterfly pea plant are rich in anthocyanins, the same polyphenol compounds found in blueberries, tart cherries, purple cabbage and other blue, red or purple produce. An intensely pigmented plant is often a cue of the beneficial phytonutrients inside. The darker the color, the higher the content of anthocyanins.

It’s the reason why those gins are deep inky blue – an extract of the flower is added to the gins, post distillation. As it is a pH indicator molecule when mixed with an acid (like tonic – which has citric acid in it) it “blushes” pink!

To make the blue ink infuse 25g of flowers in 100ml of 40% ethanol or bought vodka. Add enough to your gin to turn it the depth of blue you prefer.

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