Dried Bitter Orange Peel

Sweet & Bitter

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The botanical name is Citrus x aurantium often referred to as Seville orange. Bitter dried orange peel has long been used by craft brewers and distillers to add rich, aromatic qualities to beer, spirits and aperitifs. It adds a bitter zestiness with deeper, more complex notes than that of sweet orange.  Its the orange traditionally used for English marmalade. The fruit is bitter without the sweetness and aroma of sweet orange. The flowers are distilled for Neroli essential oil and the leaves and twigs for Petitgrain essential oil.

Grown in Northland, New Zealand, hand peeled to ensure as little pith as possible and warm air dried.

Recommended uses – .5g per litre in gin blends, mixed with herbal teas and as a garnish in cocktails.

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