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PRG 2852 1 600We reccomend you come to an Alembics NZ Distillation Workshop. Charlie and I will take you through three distillation techniques - Hydro-distillations for Hydrosol, Steam Distillation for Essential Oil and Alcohol Distillation for Spirits. We have no more than 12 in a session and 6 minimum, so plenty of time for questions, what you want to do and how to achieve that. At the end of the workshop we explain  the different styles of stills, what is best suited to your budget and purpose and the extra accessories you may need to complete your distillation kit.
All workshop attendees recive a folder of instruction, useful resources and a 5% discount on products purchased or ordered on the day. 

And, best of all they are fun - you will share other peoples aspirations and experiences and be prepared to give it a go!



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