The Art Of Distillation

Alembics import premium handcrafted copper stills, offer distillation workshops & industry consultations and supply a range of high quality aromatic botanicals.

Copper Stills

Crafted in Europe by artisan copper masters.

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Learn how to distill your own hydrosol,
essential oil and artisan spirits.

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Interested in developing an innovative new product? Talk to us.

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Aromatic Botanicals

Browse the aromatic library and purchase from our premium selection.

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Jill Mulvaney is a craft distiller with over 25 years experience. She teaches and consults on all aspects of distillation, aroma and natural flavour advancing ideas and products that can be utilized across a range of industries: spirits, perfumery and cosmetics.

Meet Jill, and take a look into the world of Alembics below.