Cleaning and Maintenance

It is essential to clean your new still before you start distilling, to make sure it’s free from all residue left over from the manufacturing process.

We always recommend using a rye flour slurry (rye flour mixed with hot water) for the first clean. This may sound odd, but time-and-time again we see that a good rye flour clean is the most effective, simple and natural way to remove the dust and linseed oil residue that is part of the copper manufacturing process.

For ongoing best results, we also recommended that you follow our maintenance processes and cleaning tips before beginning a new distillation.

We’ve put all this information together for you in a free Still Cleaning & Care video that demonstrates set up, cleaning and maintenance (including the initial rye flour clean).

Note: our smaller stills are joined by riveted unions. This not only gives them an attractive appearance but acts to strengthen them. To seal the rivets and protect stills from leaks a food-grade linseed sealant is used on the inside of the still. This will wear away over time. Don’t be surprised to see some small flakes in the bottom of the pot, post-distillation. These particles are too heavy to come across in the distillate, and if you follow our cleaning recommendations shouldn’t be detectable at all.

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