50L Whisky Kit


Our copper alembics are all handcrafted in a small artisan factory just outside of Porto. We are fortunate to be able to get a shipment each year, as demand worldwide for these beautifully crafted stills has increased dramatically.

A great size for ultimate efficiency. Great for producing larger batches of spirit – you can strip 40L of mash in a 50L still. We recommend a smaller still for your spirit or finishing run such as an Alquitar or better still our Whiskey pro

Kit includes:

  • 50L whisky still
  • Mashtun (70L capacity for a 50L wash)
  • Parrot spout (collects the distillate and holds a hydrometer, for continuous monitoring of the ABV)
  • Wine hydrometer
  • Spirit hydrometer
  • 2000ml beaker
  • Large condenser pump and hoses
  • Grain to Glass workbook

Included in our kits is our Grain to Glass workbook with recipes and instruction, or join us at our Grain to Glass workshop