Alembic Column 20L


Our copper alembics are all handcrafted in a small artisan factory just outside of Porto. We are fortunate to be able to get a shipment each year, as demand worldwide for these beautifully crafted stills has increased dramatically.

This style is now out of stock. We recommend you order now on back order to ensure your purchase. Our Coppermasters are starting our new order soon, and we expect the next shipment to be early 2022.

Suited to experienced distillers with access to bulk botanicals. Comes with a brass thermometer. Ideal for making larger batches of spirit from mash or wine ferment, and for producing greater quantities of hydrosol and essential oil.

Expect to yield approximately 5-7L hydrosol, 8-15ml essential oil and 3L of spirit in a 2 hour distillation.

Volume 20L
83cm H x 73cm W


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