Grain to Glass Saturday April 4th & Sunday April 5th


This workshop has sadly, been cancelled due to the coroavirus. We will let you know as soon as we are able to reschedule.

Auckland Botanic Gardens, Manuwera, Auckland

Day 1 April 4th 10.30-4.00

Great Whiskey Starts Here: Cooking, Mashing & Fermenting Grains


  • Grains as a source of fermentable sugar
  • How to select and where to source your grain
  • All about the malting process
  • How to grind and gelatinize your grains
  • How to mash malted grains


  • Yeast, bacteria and how they work
  • How to select and where to source your yeast
  • How to setup and complete a strong fermentation
  • How to prepare perfect whiskey wash

Day 2 April 5th 10.00-3.00


  • Safety briefing and general good practice
  • Types of Stills & how to use them
  • Alcohol basics, boiling points and chemical composition
  • Distillation of Low Wines
  • Distillation of Final Spirit
  • How to make cuts, removing foreshots and separating hearts
  • Making your final blend

Aging & Barreling

  • Types of wood to use & where to source
  • How to prepare your own wood for aging
    • Toasting
    • Charring
    • What flavors are created through this process
  • How long to age for
  • Time, oak and what it does over months and years