Grain to Glass Saturday August 20th & Sunday August 21st


Auckland Botanic Gardens, Manuwera, Auckland

Day 1 August 20th 10.30-4.00

Great Whisky Starts Here: Cooking, Mashing & Fermenting Grains


  • Grains as a source of fermentable sugar
  • How to select and where to source your grain
  • All about the malting process
  • How to grind and gelatinize your grains
  • How to mash malted grains


  • Yeast, bacteria and how they work
  • How to select and where to source your yeast
  • How to setup and complete a strong fermentation
  • How to prepare perfect whisky wash

Day 2 August 21st 10.00-3.00


  • Safety briefing and general good practice
  • Types of Stills & how to use them
  • Alcohol basics, boiling points and chemical composition
  • Distillation of Low Wines
  • Distillation of Final Spirit
  • How to make cuts, removing foreshots and separating hearts
  • Making your final blend

Aging & Barreling

  • Types of wood to use & where to source
  • How to prepare your own wood for aging
    • Toasting
    • Charring
    • What flavors are created through this process
  • How long to age for
  • Time, oak and what it does over months and years